Hope California: Rallying Point

Join believers from all over the state for a night of worship and prayer for California at  Ambassador Auditorium, as we near the launch of Hope California 2024. We are calling thousands of believers to pray, fast, and evangelize for 40 days for the salvation of California and for millions of souls. This Hope CA initiative will culminate in multiple simultaneous harvest festivals at stadiums and festival venues on March 23rd  across California, Baja California, Oregon and Florida.

Doors Open: 5pm

Joining Us:

Worship By: California Will Be Saved

"...The ground in California has been prepared and now is the time for the rains of His Spirit. It has only begun. God is raising up an army from the West Coast—an army of evangelists and worshippers, carriers of His presence—that are a great light in the darkness. Together, we will see California saved." -CAWBS

Jenney Donnelly Founder, HVM

We're excited to have Jenney Donnelly with Her Voice Movement join us at the Hope California Rallying Point, to pray for women to arise on the West Coast and be a voice to this generation!


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Location Information

  • Ambassador Auditorium
  • 131 S. St. John Ave., Pasadena, CA, 91105 US


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